Paradise Cove Luau, KoOlina | Anna+Dean | Kapolei, Hawaii | Roy's Restaurant

     Paradise Cove was a beautiful place for their wedding. The day started with so many pleasant surprises for Anna & Dean's wedding! From their beautiful Korean family, who were from Russia and spoke Russian fluently. I have never heard it spoken in person before and I'm always amazed at just how beautiful other languages are! 

Surprises like having a special treat Anna's mom for us... Real, Deal Pirozhki!  Which was sooooo good!  To having Former Lt. Governor Duke Aiona officiating their Paradise Cove wedding. Anna's dress was absolutely gorgeous and made me speechless.  It was the perfect dress for her and after capturing Dean's expression when he saw her walking down the aisle, I'd say he thought the same thing! 

One of my favorite moments of the day was the series of photos below of her daughter going straight into the "Do you wanna build as snowman?" scene as she stood, held the doorknob, and sang into it! I love being able to capture unexpected moments!